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What to excpect to catch, and when..?


During the cold and unpleasant winter we go close to shore, in the calm protected waters of the Gullmarsfjord. Anchoring and angling for haddock, cod, dab, whiting. Some of the more unusual spieces to get in the Gullmarsfjord are ray, mackerel and spur-dog.


In April we set sail for sea angling in the famous Måseskär area. The cod usually gathers there in huge numbers to feed from the herring’s roe around this time.

One of the most delicious tasting spieces are the catfish. It’s also one of the ugliest one’s. Those are caught approx 35 minutes from shore. Deep sea angling ( >100 m) for ling, tusk and ray has proved very successful around this time of year due to the lack of breeze. To reach depths beyond 200m we have to travel approx. 1.5 hrs.


Early May usually sees the arrival of the mackerel. When they arrive, they arrive in enormous amounts and with them – the dogfish. Plus a number of other spieces that prefer a bit warmer water.


The autumn-fishing is very exciting, a lot of unusual spieces are caught. What we see less of is mackerel and catfish.

Lobster Fishing

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